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Louw Breytenbach – Director

Louw Breytenbach is the Director of Skill Pioneers and the National Arts Association of South Africa. Since the NAA's launch in 2016, communication specialist, Breytenbach, has provided training to teachers, students and business leaders both in South Africa and abroad.

Louw is a qualified speech and drama educator who graduated cum laude. He later studies journalism, theology and life coaching - In work Louw has also done extensive television and theatre work for KykNET and VIA alike, and was also the winner of Mr Gay World 2021. 

As media personality Louw has won several awards including Boksburg celebrity of the year 2005 & 2007, and in 2021 received recognition by Out and Proud Namibia and was awarded an ambassador award for activism for LGBTQIA+ Rights in Namibia. 

As workplace inclusivity trainer Louw has provided courses and speaking events for several companies including Polestar Sweden and SA Breweries. Active training in the communication sphere also brought new groundbreaking techniques to the educational world, where Louw's work is used in subjects like Math and Science to enhance interaction between students and teachers by using drama and communication as a basis. 

Communication training clients include a series of private business leaders as well as Abott Laboratories and mental health training clients include the likes of the Glencore Rustenburg Smelt. 

Louw is a published author and has also been featured in more than 200 publications in news and media and was part of several radio interviews. 

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Skill Pioneers is a global communication company providing communication & skills development training. Our main focus is leadership development and sales training skills through the art of communication and enhanced marketing focusses through the art of vivid story-telling techniques. Our training courses include training for public speaking, the art of story-telling, motivational speeches, mental health talks, social media management and business coaching. Our expert team of global visionaries bring together the art of communication in a rapidly changing economy and consumer market. We provide the bridge between business and the customer. We are thus pioneers of the skills required for your business to go from survive to thrive!

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