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Skill Pioneers is a global communication company providing communication, marketing & SSM, PR management & skills development training.

We also focus on leadership development and sales training skills through the art of communication and enhanced marketing focusses through the art of vivid story-telling techniques.

Our training courses include training for public speaking, the art of story-telling, motivational speeches, mental health talks, social media management and business coaching. Our expert team of global visionaries bring together the art of communication in a rapidly changing economy and consumer market.

We provide the bridge between business and the customer. We are thus pioneers of the skills required for your business to go from survive to thrive.

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Marketing & SSM

Motivational Speaking

Sales Training

Business Coaching

Skills Development

PR Management

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PR Services

  • PR Management

  • Brand Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation

  • Copy Writing

  • Script writing for advertisements

  • Speech writing & coaching

  • Podcast recordings

  • Filming of YouTube series

  • Television content

  • Corporate video production

Value Added

Our job is to bring your vision to life. We go the extra mile to help you achieve growth and ensure success. We also have a 24h emergency WhatsApp line for PR or event emergencies.

Other services:

  • Produce, Direct and film content

  • Provide extras and talent

  • Podcast (pre-and post production)

  • Youtube and Television content (Full pre-and post production)

  • Advertisements for social media and multi media platforms

  • Product Photography

  • Video Editing

  • Sound engineering

  • Provide 3rd party services including: Make-up, Sound, Lighting, Adjudicators, MC's and Brand Ambassadors

Please contact us for pricing structure for individual or group training. As well as speaker profiles, workshops, coaching sessions or public speaking needs

Skills Academy

The Skill Pioneers Academy offers specialized training, in communication, sales training, voice coaching, business presentation strategies, communication skills development, Leadership development and motivational speaking.

While our Skill Pioneer Academy offers training accredited by the National Arts Association, we also offer a wide range of services to corporate clients, including but not limited to:

Kids & Teens

From R200

Skill Pioneers offers a wide range of classes and speech writing services to Students aged Gr 0 -12.

Option 1 / Once-Off private coaching: R300 per hour / R200 per 30 minutes

Option 2 / Bulk Purchase: R 2 800 10x 1 Hour sessions (offer expires end of 2023)

Option 3 / Weekly 1 hour private classes R990 per month (subject to 10 month contract)

Corporate Training

From R850

We offer a wide range of learning opportunities. All sessions can easily be booked as your schedule allows. Complete individual attention. More value for your money.

Option 1 / Once-off private coaching: R850 per hour. (Public Speaking, Business Coaching, Leadership and Development)

Option 2 / Bulk-Purchase: R 5 500 - 8 Sessions (Public Speaking, Business Coaching, Leadership and Development) 

Option 3 / Corporate Platinum: R 9 500 (10 Pax), R12 500 unlimited guests, or R1 100 per person (Communication and Sales Training - 1 day-workshop).

Easily register for information on various courses and workshops throughout the year or enquire a quote for Motivational speaking, Mental Health Talks and Weekly Webinars.



Public Speaking, Accredited Adjudicators course for drama judges, Teachers Training course, Mental health for men, Workplace Inclusivity, The art of story-telling, Advanced communication training, Sales training, Social Media for Teens, Social Media management for professionals, Script writing, speech writing, The LouwDown on Mental Health, as well as a range of motivational talks which can be booked and constructed around the area of importance of the client's needs.

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